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Synergistic Blends and Tailored One-Packs (TOP)

EVERNOX B-blends are a binary blend of primary and secondary antioxidants at various ratios to provide a range of synergistic effects. The phenolic antioxidant and phosphite processing stabilizer mixture provides high-performance processing stability and long-term heat stability in one package to simplify manufacturing operations. There are significant advantages such as:

  • Low color formation
  • Increase of long-term thermal stability
  • Maintenance of original melt flow

EVERNOX B-blends are often used in polyolefins and olefins-copolymers such as LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, and EVA. They can also be used in other polymers such as engineering plastics, styrene homo and copolymers such as PBT, PET, PA, POM, PS, ABS, PUR, elastomers such as BR, SBR, SBS, as well as other synthetic rubbers, adhesives, tackifier resins, and other organic substrates. The B-blends can also be used in combination with light stabilizers of UV-absorbers and hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS). 

Below image (not to scale) shows two different granular forms we can provide for blends and one-packs. Granular Dust-free (GD) is the rod-like form on the left, while Granular Free-flow (GF) is the flake form on the right.

granular forms, non-dust forms, granular dust-free forms


The following lists some examples of mixture customized in different ratios of antioxidants for various applications.  We can also make any blend tailored to meet your requirements, including pelletized mixtures with other additives to offer our Tailored One-Packs (TOP), often referred as Pre-Blends or One-Pack Systems (OPS) in the industry.

 Synergistic B-blend  Evernox B110
  Evernox B210
  Evernox B310
  Evernox B410
  Evernox B201
  Evernox B401
 Evernox B1171
  Evernox B1411
  Evernox B1412 
 Tailored One-Packs
 Everpack TOP1 (customized formulation)
  Everpack TOP2 (customized formulation)
  Everpack TOP3 (customized formulation)

Please refer to the Technical Documents page for a complete list of our products or click on the link above to download its Technical Data Sheet (TDS).


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