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High Performance Boosters (phenol-free)

High performance boosters such as hydroxylamines (or lactones) react with carbon-centered radicals as depicted below in a "phenol-free" system.  As a result, it provides an excellent color stability and thermal stability for multi-working process, especially in polypropylene.

Phenol-Free Inhibited Auto-Oxidation Cycle

Our Everstab FS products containing hydroxylamine blend with other antioxidants, light stabilzers, etc. to create a high-performance combination with minimal dosage. We can provide the following high-performance bundles:

 High Performance Boosters Everstab FS042
  Everstab FS210
  Everstab FS301
  Everstab FS811

Please refer to the Technical Documents page for a complete list of our products or click on the link above to download its Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

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