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Light Stabilizers and UV Absorbers

Damage caused by the action of light plays a role that should not be underestimated in many different areas of life. The destructive effects of light can lead to irreversible changes in organic materials.

The hinder-amine light stabilizers (HALS) and UV absorbers (UVA) are designed to help you understand more about the UV protection cycle in the plastics and adhesives/coatings industry, minmizing the damage caused by light, oxygen and heat (see below diagram).

Inhibited Photo-Oxidation Cycle

 The following is a list of our current available light stabilizers and UV Absorbers:

 Light Stabilizers / UV AbsorbersEverstab LS119
 Everstab LS292/765
 Everstab LS770
 Everstab LS944
 Everstab LS622
 Everstab 234/900
 Everstab 326
 Everstab 327
 Everstab 328 
 Everstab 329/5411
 Everstab 350
 Everstab 360
 Everstab 531
 Everstab P 

Please refer to the Technical Documents page for a complete list of our products or click on the link above to download its Technical Data Sheet (TDS).


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