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Everspring’s main production unit and company are conveniently located in the heart of Industrial Park in Taichung Taiwan.

With two other remote plant locations nearby about 45 mintutes apart from each other in the central region, we can easily access resources among all plants and serve the global polymer industry via both major ports in Taiwan.
Additionally, these remote plant locations serve as a security of supply to ensure that our customers’ needs are not interrupted in case of unforeseeable events.

Through our several worldwide office locations, we can easily serve our customers based on each region while maintaining a safety stock of materials to ensure continuous supply with short lead times. 

Our worldwide offices are listed below:

Asia (Headquarter)

Everspring Chemical Co., LTD.

#4, 24th Rd., Industrial Park
Taichung 40850
Tel : +886-4-2359-2448
Fax : +886-4-2359-3163
Email: sales@everspringchem.com.tw

Everspring Corp. USA
11577 W Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Tel : +1-310-707-1600
Fax : +1-310-458-2129
Email: info@everspringcorp.com


Everspring Europe SPRL
Rue Rodenbach 125
B-1190 Brussels
Tel: +32-2-346-0166
Fax: +32-2-346-6166
Email: europe@everspringcorp.com

Middle East/ Africa

Everspring Middle East WLL
Bahrain Financial Harbour 
Harbour Tower - West, Bldg. #1459
36th floor, Office #3602 
Road 4626, Sea-front block #346
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: +973-17-58-2780 
Fax: +973-17-58-2680
Email: everspring@everspringme.com 

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