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Nucleating / Clarifying Agents

Nucleating agents are often used to modify the properties of various polymers. The rate of crystallization and the size of the crystals have a strong impact on the mechanical and optical properties after conversion of the plastic, especially in (but not limited to) polypropylene.

Adding nucleating agents to the semi-crystalline polymers provides a surface to start the crystal growth. As a result, fast crystal formation will accelerate in many small crystal forms. Cycle times in injection molding are thus reduced. Mechanical properties like flexural modulus, strength, heat distortion temperature and hardness will increase. The clarity and transmittance is therefore significantly improved.

Nucleating agents used purposely for optimizing the optical properties are also known as clarifying agents.  Below image shows a comparison of PP injection example with and without our clarifier Everclear 3988.

PP Injection with Everclear 3988 Comparison

 We can provide the following nucleating/clarifying products:

 Nucleating / Clarifying Agents Everclear 3940
  Everclear 3988 

Please refer to the Technical Documents page for a complete list of our products or click on the link above to download its Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

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