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Polymer Additives - Primary and Secondary Antioxidants

Practically all polymer materials undergo oxidative degradation reactions occurring at one or all of the manufacturing, processing and end-use stages. Antioxidants are highly effective in preventing this degradation to the extent that color development, physical and mechanical property loss is kept within acceptable limits.

The diagram below represents a complex series of chemical reactions that take place when the polymer degrades in the presence of oxygen and how antioxidants can intervene in this process. 

Auto-Oxidation Cycle

Primary antioxidants (phenolics) and secondary antioxidants (phosphites, also known as processing stabilizers) thus play an important role in counteracting the effects of degradation during the production of plastics. 

As one of the world's largest suppliers, we manufacture and offer a wide range of antioxidants to serve the global chemical industry. The following is a list of our core antioxidant products: 
 Primary AntioxidantsEvernox® 10
 Evernox® 76
 Evernox® 1135
 Evernox® 1330
 Evernox® 3114
 Evernox® MD1024
 Evernox® 1098
 Evernox® 1726
 Evernox® 1520  
 Evernox® 2246  
 Evernox® 565  
 Secondary AntioxidantsEverfos® 168
 Everfos® 626

Please refer to the Technical Documents page for a complete list of our products or click on the link above to download its Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

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