Environmental Health Safety & Security

Environmental Protection

Everspring Company, an ISO-14001 and OHSAS-45001 certified manufacturer of specialty and fine chemicals, is committed to protecting the environment, health, safety and security of its stakeholders and being a responsible citizen of the global community, as well as compliance with applicable legal and industry requirements. Our company provides safe and environment-friendly products with premium quality.

Everspring continues to implement clean production in a proactive manner by constantly reviewing and evaluating its production processes. 

Health and Safety

Everspring is committed to protecting the health and safety of its stakeholders by ensuring the safe operation of all processes and focusing on continuous improvement. 

The quality preventive programs provide means to identify and assess hazards, prevent unsafe acts and conditions, maintain and improve employee health, and foster communication of health and safety issues.  
We are committed to working with our customers, suppliers, carriers and contractors regarding the safe handling, use, transport and disposal of chemicals.  

Health and Safety Performance

As a committed company to protecting the health and safety of all its stakeholders, Everspring has taken the following steps;
Explosion-proof equipments have been installed throughout the plant and used at all time.
On-going safety training provided as a mandatory meeting once per month

Everspring has been operating without any injury and only one lost time case since 1997.
There has been no spills since the plant start-up 

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