In 1969, the first Sunko company, Sunko Chemical Co., Ltd., was founded in Taichung and was one of the leaders in the field agrochemicals in Taiwan. With continuous studies and developments, Sunko later became a group that has established affiliates and expanded into many fields of products to serve its customers.

Everspring Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 and started its first production of antioxidants for the plastics industry. In the 1990s, we launched several lines of production to meet the increasing global demands for antioxidants.  Since the turn of the century, we have also expanded several times and built new plants in 3 different locations in central Taiwan. 

Today, Everspring became one of the leading and largest antioxidant producers in the world. Our company has seen growth over 20% annually in sales since it was founded to keep up with the fast growing polymer industry.

While under such a fast-pace growth, Everspring’s philosophy and goals have not changed since the beginning. We will continue to improve our manufacturing processes and to provide highest quality of product.

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