Manufacturing Facilities

We listen to and understand our customer’s needs by creating:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Quality-driven products
  • Process innovations
  • Customer Satisfaction

Everspring constantly being challenged to broaden the scope of its activities by creating customer satisfaction at all times.

Our production engineers continually work on improving manufacturing processes to make our products more efficient and of highest quality.

We have expanded and relocated our internal laboratory with additional equipments such as HPLC, GC, DSC, UVS, etc. for testing new products.

We are working with local PIDC (Plastics Industry Development Center), who has the technology to develop and test our products on various types of polymer.

Current & Future Expansion Plans

  • Continue to de-bottleneck and streamline our production process to increase capacity.
  • Automate and computerize our business and production processes for higher efficiency.
  • Cooperate with overseas warehouse vendors to provide Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI) in Americas, Europe, and Middle East.
  • Continue to expand our global presence by setting up regional offices. 

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